Alpha 180 is a lifestyle support program for current or aspiring students in sobriety. We are a community of like-minded peers, incorporating brotherhood, community outreach, and fellowship through a common call to purpose. We are situated in the heart of the West Campus student housing district – walking distance from the University of Texas and Austin Community College.



      • Are you scared to go back to school sober?
      • Are you worried recovery will be boring?
      • Are you looking for a community that gets you? 

Early recovery can be a very stressful and daunting time. Making new friends, finding a job, and planning to go back to school can seem like impossible feats. Alpha 180 is a community of like-minded peers here to help you navigate all the joys and challenges of recovery.

From the moment you arrive, you will be welcomed and taken in by a band of brothers. Driven by unity and shared ambition, this brotherhood becomes the centerpiece for the journey that lies ahead. As students become more acquainted with their new lives in recovery, they’ll begin to take on leadership roles within the community and help newcomers the same way.

At Alpha 180, we believe that long-term recovery is driven by discovering purpose. As students embark on their own journey through recovery, they will also start to pursue their own professional and academic goals. Whether a current or prospective student, you are welcome at Alpha 180 and we will walk with you to slowly, safely navigate your individual path to success. Discover what lies ahead.


  • Is it overwhelming trying to pick the right program for your son?
  • Are you looking for a program that supports your son’s academic goals?
  • Would you like to feel supported too?

From the very first contact, family members of prospective Alpha 180 students are supported in their own journey of healing as they launch their loved ones in young adulthood and recovery. Many parents have spent years mitigating the damage of addiction while attempting to control their loved one’s life and keep them safe. Our clinicians take the time to guide parents while rebuilding trust in their sons as they safely navigate early recovery.

During weekly phone calls or in-person sessions, our therapists focus attention on teaching communication and self-care skills to help parents shift focus from the addiction to their own healing. We provide the day-to-day needs of our clients, which gives family members the freedom to focus on enjoying the relationship with their loved one. When challenges arise, therapists are available to help navigate them safely and effectively.

Furthermore, all Alpha 180 students and their families participate in a quarterly Family Weekend. While therapy and psycho-education are inter-woven in this experience, Family Weekend is about experiencing the miracle of recovery firsthand and enjoying time with one-another. Because all of our students share commonality in age and background, family members create an instant bond with the other parents. The Family Weekend is an important opportunity to step out of the fear and distrust of addiction and step into the miracle of healing that recovery has afforded.

Choosing aftercare programs can be overwhelming. Alpha 180 is a state-licensed facility and we carry the Joint Commission Gold Seal, considered the highest standard in our industry. We want you to feel very comfortable and are ready to answer your questions. If we aren’t the right fit, we’d be glad to help you find the right program for your family.


How do you know if your client is a fit for Alpha 180?

The Alpha 180 program is uniquely suited to support young men in recovery from addiction. Appropriate candidates are individuals who require clinical, academic, and social support in a community setting. We believe that an appropriate focus on today, teamed with an individualized path for future success provides the best foundation for long-term recovery. Contact us to speak in more detail about any potential referral.

How do we work with other professionals?

Aftercare providers vary in breadth of scope and services offered. We work closely with referring professionals to offer clients and their families a supportive network, providing continuity of care in a long-term model. We regularly refer to outside providers when students or their families require additional support or a different level of care.

Healthy communication and alignment of goals is crucial to recovery. Our team is experienced handling the delicate considerations of treatment planning, program transitions, and family dynamics. We are not a fit for everyone and carefully assess every client to be sure they are appropriate for Alpha 180.

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